Lucy’s Inside Out Dinner Parties

One of the most appealing things about hosting a dinner party or a get together, is to be able to relish the pleasure of being with those you wish to invite into your home or for a celebration whilst you’re on holiday…

However, the least appealing thing is spending most of that precious time in the kitchen, knowing that the conversation and enjoyment of the evening is happening whilst you’re elsewhere.

Lucy’s Inside Out will assist in turning your occasion into a celebration that you are most definitely a part of.  We enable you to ‘dazzle with the diners’, not ‘frazzle with the food’ – and create the relaxed occasion we all long for – but rarely manage to achieve without a little ‘magical help’.

We have created a selection of dishes that we hope will provide inspiration in order to  make your selections during the planning of your Celebration, thus enabling us to conjure a combination of courses to serve on your behalf,  ensuring that you can relax and enjoy the company of friends, family and/or colleagues.