Special Occasions

Lucy’s Inside Out Catering is simply our way of turning any occasion into a celebration!
Let us help you to celebrate in style and with ease whilst you sit back, relax with a glass or two of wine! (Not that you need an excuse!)

We can simply deliver a fabulous feast, clearly labelled with simple instructions on heating, serving and presentation, or why not go the whole hog and opt for full onsite service.  Our staff can spoil and look after you all AND clear up afterwards!

We have a huge range of menus that can be used in a mix and match style to create a menu for any occasion - we can really be as flexible as you need...within reason! From dinner parties, buffets, weddings, or simply a night in with friends and family we can cater for you.

Creative Celebration Cakes

Any celebration is worthy of a cake - Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Christening, a Monday...?!

In days gone by all celebration cakes were rich fruit cakes... nowadays almost anything goes! We would be pleased to arrange a delicious celebration cake, made by Janet and Drew, our very own cake creators. Choose from a whole host of flavours, from delicious chocolate fudge, carrot, cranberry and walnut, chocolate guinness, lemon, banana, light fruit or coffee and walnut - to name but a few.

Obviously you are welcome to choose your own combination too!

The choice of cake is entirely up to you - whether you wish to break with tradition and have a combination of flavours or to stick with the old favourites - we can do whatever your heart desires! Perhaps you could go for our new favourite red velvet chocolate cupcakes?

All cakes can be decorated, from the traditional flat iced names etched out on the icing to very flamboyant and richly decorated to novelty style cakes - you suggest, we create!

We’d be delighted to help you personalize your ‘do’ with a difference. We can also help with table decorations, fabulous flowers, balloons (helium or latex) and anything else your party requires etc.

We do hope that our ideas will guide you through your 'do', and provide you with food for thought...

Whatever the occasion, Lucy’s Inside Out Catering is the answer - please drop us an email and we will help you with menus, prices and anything else you need!

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