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Are you a Pudding Person?
Do you admit to loving the end of the meal better than the beginning? If so, then 'Up The Duff Pudding Night' is just your thing! Held on the first Wednesday of every month, come to Lucy's On A Plate and experience pure pudding heaven!

Enjoy 6 puddings, a glass of dessert wine and coffee served anytime between 6-9pm and devour a whole array of sweetness - everything from the traditional and well loved steam puddings, to the more exotic and unusual concoctions. Come and indulge in all your secret culinary fantasies. rest assured you are not alone!

Puddings are something that have, over the years, become a constant and ever increasing part of our menu - we are, in short, becoming rather renowned for them (as well as being a place of relaxation and enjoyment!) Janet 'the Queen of Puddings and Sweet Stuff' is a miracle maker when it comes to baking and creating...

At any one time there are likely to be at least 30 puddings on our list and ALL of them homemade... If the calorific content concerns you, consider this, my Grandmother used to say that 'when you cut into a cake (or a pudding in this instance!) the calories would fly away' - hold that thought!

There isn't one pudding that I could say is better than any other - so, you'll just have to try them all... (However, should you be coming with a non-pudding person we have a savoury menu as well!)(However, should you be coming with a non-pudding person we have a savoury menu as well!)

So come on, admit it you'd really love to be 'Up the Duff' at Lucy's on a Plate!

PS - If you really are into The Sweet Stuff, why not try our 'Up the Duff Demo & Dine' Pudding Nights at LucyCooks, our Cookery School and sit back, relax and watch as the LucyCooks chefs create a selection of sweet sensations before you tuck in... food for thought! Click here to find out more...