Daytime Menu

Our extensive daytime menu is served between 12 noon and 6pm, and comprises a vast selection of mouth-watering dishes.  Whether you are joining us for a 'breakfast fit for a king' (including the best of English and European fayre) or a snack or light meal, you'll discover a whole world of tempting treats and inspired inventions.  Choose from delicious sandwiches available in a vast selection of guises, to a superb salad or pasta feast, or when you're just a little peckish, one of our 'inbetweenies'.  Or why not join us for one of our all-inclusive teas and experience a bit of everything.  As most if what we produce at Lucy's is made on the premises we can generally be as obliging as possible (miracles take a little longer!)  We do not (as far as we are aware) use any genetically modified products and wherever possible will always buy from a well-known local source and producer.  Our meats come from reputable butchers and local farmers - so, if in any doubt about anything, ASK!  Click here for our lunch and brunch menu. 

Evening Menu

After 6pm, we have an evening menu which is typed up every day, so no two days are the same!  If you would like to see an example of the evening menu, please contact us.  We welcome all ages and hopefully accommodate most tastes - whilst not operation an alternative menu for our younger guests, we are happy to do smaller portions of most things, day or evening, so do ask… remember, we're here to help!  Click here to download a sample evening menu

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